Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar Wing Sauces

World famous boneless wings tossed in any one of their more than 30 sauce creations.

Served with veggies and our Super Blue Cheese or Super Ranch


#1 Pick your style and quantity
#2 Pick your sauces, rub, or double dipper. (see Sauces)
Mix any 2 sauces for a crazy combination (you can actually make 1561 different combinations).  


Listed from hot to not

THE GHOST FACE KILLA: Made with one of the hottest chilies on earth; The Ghost Pepper. It’s so hot you have to sign a waiver. WARNING: CONSUMPTION MAY CAUSE HALLUCINATIONS. Add $1 per 5 wing order. GF

SUDDEN DEATH: Habaneros, jalapenos and other chilies make up this molten hot sauce.

MANGO HABANERO: Savor the sweet mango flavor then feel the burn of the habanero.

RAGIN CAJUN: Intense southern style hot sauce tinged with a bold pepper edge.

HONEY HOT: Our hot sauce blended with pure honey.

KANGAROOGA: Our hot sauce, habaneros, jalapenos, cilantro, honey, diced carrots and celery.

BUFFALO BAY: Select spices, Old Bay & a special hot sauce.

HOT RANCH:  Our famous hot sauce mixed with our ranch seasoning rub.

SRIRACHA:  A.K.A the “rooster” sauce, this flavorful Thai chili creation will bite!

SMOKED CHIPOTLE: Red jalapenos smoked for a bold, Chipotle flavor.

KINDA’HOT MEDIUM: A traditional Buffalo style sauce, it’s kinda’hot and kinda’not.

JALAPENO LIME: Zesty, full bodied, citrusy lime sauce with tempered jalapenos for a spicy bite.

ALMOST EVERYTHING: Hot, Ragin Cajun, Hickory Smoked Honey BBQ & Garlic herb mixed. (Fan Favorite)

RED THAI: A sweet chili fusion sauce that is slightly sweet with just a bit of heat.

BUFFALO BLEU:  Our hot sauce and Super Bleu cheese mixed.

BUFFALO RANCH: Hot sauce with Super Ranch dressing mixed in.

MILDLY HOT:  Traditional high flavor, low heat.

LOUISIANA GARLIC: A garlicky hot sauce! Minced garlic mixed with your choice of Mildly Hot, Kinda’Hot, Hot, or Sudden Death.

GENERAL TSO: Our take on a traditional Asian sauce. Good sauce bring good luck!

CAROLINA SWEET & TANGY: Southern style, sweet, tangy, golden BBQ Sauce.

BBQ RANCH: Our Hickory Smoked Honey BBQ mixed with our Super Ranch. GF

HICKORY SMOKED HONEY BBQ: Our rich smoked BBQ sauce mixed with honey.

GARLIC PARMESAN: Roasted garlic, Italian herbs, and a parmesan sauce.

PLAIN: Sauce on the side if you would like.